September 11, 2006

Considering I made a blog for the first time late last night and my brain wasn’t in the job, I consider this to be my first day…

I have a collection of photo’s over the last few months since I bought my dslr. My passion in photography exploded when I was in India, the light there making everything incredibly picturesque, combined with seeing so many completely new things, made me never let go of my camera. (at the time an Olympus 3.1 mega pixel point and click) I was so frustrated with the results from that camera, I resolved to get something more worthy.

Looking into camera’s in magazines and reading books in the libraries of the cities I went to (the British council libraries were air conditioned.. which at 42 degrees c in the shade was a definite bonus)

However, before I got home and bought a dslr, I had to make do:

Langur Monkey

This monkey was one of about 30 that surrounded me on the steps of a temple, sited on a hill in a town called Pushkar in Rajasthan. I climbed the hill after hearing the view of the town, which bordered a lake, was stunning when the sun rose in the morning. So I took to the hill and observed the sun rise, sitting on the edge of a mini cliff in the hill drawing the city, when I noticed a monkey climbing a tree just off to my left..

I had been given a mission from my dance partner Emily, to get her a photo of a monkey, as she loves them.. so I dropped my sketchbook and my bag, and ran to get a shot of this monkey that jumped off the tree and out of my sight.. I turned a corner to see where he went to, looking down the hill where he was, as I noticed out of the corner of my eyes lots of furry shapes back up the hill to my right.

Slowly turning my head I took in masses of the monkey’s.. they were reclining all over the steps and expecting people to give them food as they approached the temple..

I sat for about 8 hrs that day sketching the monkey’s and taking photographs, this one was one of the cutest..

For a while this blog is going to have to be a retrospective, i have a collection of images from this summer i want to share with you.. though when i have an image that i want to share, taken recently, i shall interupt the retrospective to blog that then, considering i am going back into my second dose of Uni, i forsee i am going to be too busy to get photo’s that are worthy of showcasing each day, so i shall fill you in on my past year on those days.. hopefully then there will be enough interesting material to keep the blog running on a daily basis.


2 Responses to “First-Day”

  1. sarah christiansen Says:

    is that you? 😛
    im funny xx

  2. haven’t you seen this side to you before? i caught your portrait when you weren’t paying attention…

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