Knowlesly Safari Park

September 11, 2006

Because it is my new project, i am going to write more than one submission today… and to keep in with informing of events as they happen to me, i am going to show you some photos from the Safari park i visited a couple of days ago..



These were in the pen set aside for car drivers stupid enough to subject their windscreen wipers to abuse…

Chittal (spotted deer)


Spotted Deer

Chittal, as i remember their name from India (their home country) bambi never looked so cute…



I miss the sound of these singing come dusk more than anything else in india.. such beautiful birds…


2 Responses to “Knowlesly Safari Park”

  1. Emily Says:

    I love the pic of the deer! Its so cute, I want it! Thanks for the mention about the monkeys too! I want that monkey!!


  2. sureshg Says:

    You got some really Good pictures here. I like the sharpness and color tones of this pictures. I have a deer photo in my blog. Do check it out. Thanks for sharing.Really pleasant blog.

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