September 11, 2006


This is a shot i wanted to capture of my friend James, i set the camera and asked him to jump, but it didnt come out quite right, he got bored and asked to get one of me, so i thought i’d give it a shot, So he took this one of me. one of my favourate self portraits!

I like how he just caught the frizbee before i went out of frame. captured the mood of that night on the beach perfectly!!



Cat Halo

Catarmaran Halo

These two images are from my summer sailing trip from Germany through to Plymouth (if you want more info, visit the blue dragon link in the blogroll) This halo effect was from a circluar rainbow directly above the Cat. I have never seen one first hand before, only having seen one from a photo from space.. it was so amazing!!


One Response to “Sailing”

  1. sureshg Says:

    I like your self portrait! lots of energy and really nice photo.

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