September 12, 2006

This post refers to a Circus performance i saw recently, performed in Playbox Theatre in Warwick, two friends of mine were part of this Circus…Hannah is a good friend of mine from Gymnastics, and after having seen the performance, i expressed to her my regret i couldn’t take photos during the show, i was so taken by the visuals.. and the lighting… She organised for the lighting director to come back to the stage and booked the stage for an hour, so we could run through her parts of the performance!! having the whole stage to ourselves we went through the performance on two seperate days, walking round the stage to get the best shots!! it was an Amazing oportunity, and i am so pleased with the results.

a Huge Thank you to Hannah, without whom this oportunity would still be a dream of mine..


Her peformance was two part. Her first showstopper was a solo trapeze act. be amazed


see why i was so excited for the chance?

now her second part was a duet in Ribbon or Tissu, this is obviously only one half of the duet, but imagine another girl on the oposite side of the stage doing the same movements..



I Loved the strength of the light at this moment, it was only from the top and powerful enough to create such a contrast in the image, i remember how striking it was seeing the show, unfortunately it was only a transitional stage, swiftly moved onto a more ambient red that coats the whole stage like below shows..



Not that is manages to take away from the effect from the shapes Hannah creates… i am eagerly awaiting the next show I can see of hers.. The pest has only gone off to Canada for Uni! Lucky *£%… If you are based in Ontario, and want a performer like Han, leave a comment to this post and i will act the intermediary..


one of my favourates from the photo shoot; (once again that magic light)




2 Responses to “RED”

  1. Breath taking! I hate to use words when i can sit and watch these photos for hours! Hats off buddy!

  2. Janette Says:

    Hey there Johnboy, im liking the photos! Very artistic. How cute are the puppies too. If only you could continue posting your photos. Viel Spass noch!
    Janette Brautlecht

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