Joel and Jack

September 13, 2006

These Brothers are the Son’s of Catflap, She is a Vaulting Judge (check the blogroll under EVS to see what vaulting is) The three of them came for lunch a few months ago. –  Off ran Joel to play with any door/gate he could find. Realising the car door was locked, he made good use of our paddock’s facilities.. declaring ‘gateeverytime he swung it open and closed… made for some good portraits anyhow!




Joel soon realised the error of his ways, now having trapped himself in the field… pleading with the photographer for assistance.. – too many days spent watching nature documentaries left the photographer with a strict ideology of no interference with the subjects however:




So instead, Joel tried to escape for himself…




Too late… the dogs were released and a viscious attack ensued… (he put on a brave face.. poor lad)





None of the Adults paid any attention to the drama as they were concentrating soley on his Brother, who felt incompetent as all he could do was anxiously watch in anticipation



then things tipped into the kids favour with an excellent demonstration of swordsmanship, he fended the giant of a dog off untill it got bored and followed my girls barking into the woods after some rabbit or other…





N.B all events depicted in this post are purely fictitious and in no way was any puppy injuried in the making of this documentary.


2 Responses to “Joel and Jack”

  1. I have to admit, these are the finest set of photos on kids I have seen recently. I enjoyed these photos and they made me warm and smile. Thanks a Lot!

  2. Jawdy Says:

    The boys make your dogs look like “normal” sized canines… as opposed to the miniature pooches that they are 😀

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