Thickthorn Wood

September 14, 2006

This place means a lot to me after the past year..

Me and my mother moved into Rocky Lodge for one year, the owners were going to rent it out to trial a new house they moved into, and mum, needing new stables for her horses, wanted to realise a dream of hers, to have her stables on her property.. to be able to wake in the morning and walk up the garden to the horses rather than drive to rented stables..

So we moved into Rocky Lodge:


Never before have i lived in a place that i truely love as a home, somewhere i have wanted to invite friends back to, Just to see the place.. Or not want to leave even to go out socially!!

The doors that are visible in this photo led to the stairs that climbed to my bedroom (the Whole converted attic!) The gate in the forground marked the end of the property, and where i am standing, taking the photo, is Thickthorn wood.

Even with the distortion of a short focal length, you can see it is close.. step out of my door and land in a wood!

This post is my homage to my wood 😉 So beautiful in spring:


When the Rhodedendrons came out the wood was awash with colour. I’ll save images of that nature for another post, yet this image as the petals fell from the rhodedendrons evokes strong memories for me:




This was also recurrent for me in the woods.. stalking around with my camera and my puppies.. we’d often chance across Muntjack and rabbits.. even buzzards when i was really lucky 😉




I was so pleased when i discovered how this buzzard came out, it flew over my head from a tree i walked near by, within the first week of aquiring my dslr, i wasn’t so efficient at using it at this time and with my inexperience, i saw the bird and reacted, i shot the bird, thinking ‘it will only be a sillouette, but it is my first shot of a bird of prey


To see how the sun caught over its neck illuminating the bird throughout.. What a catch!



This was one of my favourate view’s out from the wood across the neighbouring fields… i am going to miss this place whilst surrounded by concrete, glass and steel for the next two years!





These two photo’s (above and below) should strike a cord with Anisha (a good friend of mine from Liverpool, well on her way to being trained as a vet – Lock your pets up Tight guys..) She was shooting her own shots next to me as i took it!




Finishing with one of my favourate views of the wood itself… Spring was a beautiful time..



4 Responses to “Thickthorn Wood”

  1. Emily Says:

    I’m gonna miss your woods also, they’re amazing to walk around (even when its really muddy!!) and I really enjoyed riding through them on Bowler. Beautiful views throughout and so relaxing, just to get away from everything. I hope your mum can find somewhere just as gorgeous to move to when she has to move on…stunning place. I only wish I’d got around to getting over for sunrise during the spring – gutted.

  2. What a collection! It’s always a joy to check your site often!

  3. lissy Says:

    told you i would leave you a message! you’re site is really cool. what does blog stand for by the way? or is it a word. my favourite pic is the one with all the orangey mist and the trees sticking out.
    lissy x x x

  4. blog is a shorted version of weblog. just meaning online journal really! cheers for appreciating the site!!

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