Rocky Lodge

September 16, 2006

This house was fantastic to live in, The first week we moved in there, I started my new job in Nuneaton. Such bad timing! I would have to leave the house at 07:45 to get to work on time, which meant, as it was early October, that I was driving down the drive when dawn’s sun would lift herself over the horizon… driving between the trees as the golden light of the early sun punctured through the leaves dappling the Oranges and Reds of the autumnal blanket. Having to drive away from such beauty each morning was a nightmare..


Returning after dusk as well meant photo oportunities were few and far bettween. Annoying that the sky is overcast in this photo.. but the Virginia Creeper was too beautiful to neglect





This next photo came about after the winter lull. The rapeseed fields came out, creating a blanket of yellow for the lodge to sit on if you looked at it from the right angle… This angle was achievable by sitting on the back of Tiny. Our biggest horse at 18’1″ 🙂 She was a Beautiful pony and my favourate. Sitting so high meant you looked down on Everyone, and you could see over the hedge bordering this rapeseed easily making this photo possible!





At this time, the woods started coming to life with the rhodedendron explosion i alluded to earlier.. these following photos demonstrate how beautiful they were..











This being a view of how it covers the pathways in the wood. A magical time of year..




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