Kestrel – THE END

September 18, 2006


(see the writing following these photo’s)


I have set myself a personal challenge to photograph each bird of prey. They are absolutely beautfiul creatures..


This summer I was sat in my car, waiting for my mother to finish helping out a friend, farming one of his fields.. as I sat listening to the radio looking through the windshield.. what looked like a pied wagtail landed in front of the car, about 6 meters from me. I went for my camera sat on the passenger seat next to me, but soon pulled my hand back, realising the bird was hidden amongst the stubble of the field and I wouldn’t see anything to photograph. (big error) I stayed with my eyes on that spot waiting for a development that might be photo worthy when a red/brown streak of speed struck onto the spot the bird had landed.


Seeing the kestrel pause for a second before taking off left me scrambling for my camera, cursing myself for not having the lens trained on where the pied wagtail had been as i would have captured the swoop.


I left the car behind and chased after where the bird had flown hoping for a glimpse of it flying away.. turning around the hedge row I saw it sat upon a telegraph pole, enjoying its meal:




Trying to move closer in such an excitable state resulted in me being spotted:




Which made the kestrel fly away:




After landing on this tree, It then thought it’s position compromised and flew to another field. Such a Beautiful bird.




Well, I have just recieved a message from WordPress saying I have reached my size limit on this blog. So I cannot load any more photos without deleting previous ones. This marks the End of my Blog.


I know the arguments towards having thumbnails on here, with the actual photo’s loaded on another server, like flickr. This isn’t good enough… This blog was created for my photographic exploration, If to see the photo’s, you need to go to another server.. I might as well just use another site as my page. I will do this eventually.. now I am too busy, and making this Blog has been an interesting learning experience. Hopefully it will make my own site all the richer when it comes to being made.


It is a shame, as it doesn’t even seem to have got off the ground yet, but maybe that is a good thing, it would be more upsetting for a blog with a viewer base to hit this brick wall.


If you are interested in seeing any more of my photographs, visit and search for seriousplay, under that name I am selling photo’s through this stock photography library, because of the nature of this sites admission requirements, it is a much slower process to get photo’s in, than it has been to load onto this site. This will change by the end of the year with alamy providing an online submission system.. As for now, i have sent off another 20 odd photos on DVD. (or i will have before the end of this morning) so it should be updated within the week i would hope.

so don’t expect the same speed of updates

I guess this is goodbye. For those of you I have not met, but have recieved encouraging comments off you, thankyou. Goodluck with your own photography and never stop experimenting. For the rest of my friends.. it was fun while it lasted. – I guess this means now you have to come and see me to go through my portfolio! cake all round! šŸ™‚




One Response to “Kestrel – THE END”

  1. Hannah Greyson-Gaito Says:

    That is a shame. Could you set a new blog with a link through this one or something? Those are beautiful pictures especially the one of it looking at you! I am surprised that it allowed you to even get that close. I am looking forward to seeing more photos in the future, of plays and water!?

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