Welcome to my photoBlog

October 21, 2006


This link will take you to the start of my blog. where, when finished reading a page, click on next entry to see the rest of the work 😉 (some of the photos are really worth the effort of flicking through..)

oh and make sure you leave comment’s!

This blog is dead now, in the way that I have run out of room to add any more photo’s and that was what I made the blog for.. so I no longer add to it… I keep it online though as a standing portfolio of my work for friends to view my shots.


2 Responses to “Welcome to my photoBlog”

  1. Hey where are you? come back and revive this dead feeling. there are lot of us who are going to visit your place often?

  2. i am still around, but far too busy with uni to make another blog. and this one told me i had run out of memory.

    i will post on here again one day to link you to my website.

    take care..

    and check this out:


    my photo is the first one of the bbc website pics for fireworks!! 😉

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