Some choice photos of the little fella

unfortunately, this next photo is hand held and with so little light in the wood, so he has motion blur..

However the photo articulates what i mean in reference to the portrait near the bottom of this page though, i would run through the woods, jump a log, turn and fire my shutter, just in time to catch the fast devil who was Right behind me. punch for punch


outside my old back doordonkey.jpg

We got him onto the hard stuff from an early age…




from the same photo shoot as my first blog post..


Do they come sweeter?


another portrait of me i am keen on – this was donkey to me, walking round the woods with him always on my heels. Far more obedient than any dog i have ever had!! – to the point where, when i jumped on a bike one day to go shopping, and he saw.. he came running after, so i thought, ok, lets test this, and cycled off fast through the woods. at one point i had to slow down for puddles and tree trunks… the blighter Overtook me!!




This was the first time i saw Donkey, i woke one morning to find mum all excitable and with a grin on her face.. i asked what she was up to and she said come with me… – so i thought.. oh right… and grabbed my camera…





we knew a farmer who provided shavings for the sheep at the slaughterhouse near us.. this morning he had gone to drop off some shavings, and they had just taken a load of sheep in from the field.. as they went back out to the field to clean up… they found something in the long grass.

One of the sheep gave birth that night, leaving who was to become Donkey behind. (also known as Fugly if you ask my mother [because he is f*c*ing ugly])

not knowing who the mother was even, there was no way of telling the owner of this newborn. aparently the usual way of dealing with this is just to hit it over the head.. The Farmer though said, ‘no, don’t.. i know someone who will have that

So, at 08:00 that morning, the stork brought us a delivery.. a lamb who could have only been 6 hours old. we needed to bottle feed him colostrum, as he had no mother to provide any for him, and then go onto ewe replacement milk when he was old enough.

So that was the beginning.. he spent the rest of his childhood racing round the woods with my jack russles and getting mothered by poppy the smaller of the two. she was still licking him clean when he overtook her in height.. it was hilarious!


Friends shaping his development!!


These next photos are good friends of mine who helped bottle feed him for me whenever they come over..

Hannah as seen from RED


a good friend from my sixth form days Bec


_mg_3814-01.jpg _mg_4775-01.jpg


Bec again


a good friend and co-performer (see newvibes post) Jane

_mg_4732-01.jpg janedonk2.jpg

Mummy, the day we left him in the field with all the other lambs, when we were concerned he would die from yew tree poisoning.. he wouldn’t leave our side and was so scared by the other lambs. They weren’t real.. they baaa and not bark. nothing like what he was used to… (he was more comfortable spending time with the sheep dog who wasn’t fond of the development in the slightest)





Mum likened this day to leaving your children in a nursery for the first time, that was it from this day on, donkey was in the big bad world alone to make his own friends.. not needing his parents any more! – Wasn’t the case though, we had spoilt him and he still needed bottle feeding, everytime we drove up the long drive, he would hear the car from 500 meters away and run down to the gate, to stand there Baaaa‘ing his heart out until we jumped into the field with him!! that first day we left him, he came running to the gate with us and we had to push him back into the field with the other lambs.. he stood crying for us not go.. mum had to go and drive the car away in an attempt to quieten him (and also so she didnt have to hear.. nothing sounds so sad as a lamb baaaa’ing…) i stayed to watch to make sure he didnt jump out of the gate (he could jump up to the fourth bar of the five barred gate (the fourth was wide enough) cop his legs through it and pull his body through.. who says pets are like their owners huh? gymnastic little bugger!)


2 Responses to “Donkey”

  1. kim Says:

    can’t stop crying!!!

  2. He was a brilliant addition to the family, we had a Great summer, Spring wouldn’t have been the same without him, me and him shared so much quality time, he wouldnt have had any where near as good a life in any other environment, he was spoilt as he was the only lamb we had.. It’s sad.. though for him, it was like he had settled into retirement already.. once in the field with the other lambs, he only had eating grass and sleeping to look forward to… So he had the best of his life as such. I don’t regret any of his life. Much more preferable to getting hit on the head at any rate… So don’t be too sad for him. Life could have been Much worse. miss you donkey. x x

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