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October 21, 2006


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This blog is dead now, in the way that I have run out of room to add any more photo’s and that was what I made the blog for.. so I no longer add to it… I keep it online though as a standing portfolio of my work for friends to view my shots.


Kestrel – THE END

September 18, 2006


(see the writing following these photo’s)


I have set myself a personal challenge to photograph each bird of prey. They are absolutely beautfiul creatures..


This summer I was sat in my car, waiting for my mother to finish helping out a friend, farming one of his fields.. as I sat listening to the radio looking through the windshield.. what looked like a pied wagtail landed in front of the car, about 6 meters from me. I went for my camera sat on the passenger seat next to me, but soon pulled my hand back, realising the bird was hidden amongst the stubble of the field and I wouldn’t see anything to photograph. (big error) I stayed with my eyes on that spot waiting for a development that might be photo worthy when a red/brown streak of speed struck onto the spot the bird had landed.


Seeing the kestrel pause for a second before taking off left me scrambling for my camera, cursing myself for not having the lens trained on where the pied wagtail had been as i would have captured the swoop.


I left the car behind and chased after where the bird had flown hoping for a glimpse of it flying away.. turning around the hedge row I saw it sat upon a telegraph pole, enjoying its meal:




Trying to move closer in such an excitable state resulted in me being spotted:




Which made the kestrel fly away:




After landing on this tree, It then thought it’s position compromised and flew to another field. Such a Beautiful bird.




Well, I have just recieved a message from WordPress saying I have reached my size limit on this blog. So I cannot load any more photos without deleting previous ones. This marks the End of my Blog.


I know the arguments towards having thumbnails on here, with the actual photo’s loaded on another server, like flickr. This isn’t good enough… This blog was created for my photographic exploration, If to see the photo’s, you need to go to another server.. I might as well just use another site as my page. I will do this eventually.. now I am too busy, and making this Blog has been an interesting learning experience. Hopefully it will make my own site all the richer when it comes to being made.


It is a shame, as it doesn’t even seem to have got off the ground yet, but maybe that is a good thing, it would be more upsetting for a blog with a viewer base to hit this brick wall.


If you are interested in seeing any more of my photographs, visit http://www.alamy.com and search for seriousplay, under that name I am selling photo’s through this stock photography library, because of the nature of this sites admission requirements, it is a much slower process to get photo’s in, than it has been to load onto this site. This will change by the end of the year with alamy providing an online submission system.. As for now, i have sent off another 20 odd photos on DVD. (or i will have before the end of this morning) so it should be updated within the week i would hope.

so don’t expect the same speed of updates

I guess this is goodbye. For those of you I have not met, but have recieved encouraging comments off you, thankyou. Goodluck with your own photography and never stop experimenting. For the rest of my friends.. it was fun while it lasted. – I guess this means now you have to come and see me to go through my portfolio! cake all round! 🙂



But if your Both, Well that brings out textures better than any other photographic medium.


The following photo’s are ones I have taken over a period of time from the first day i got my dslr to yesterday with the cemetary on smithdown road.


The first couple of shots are taken around Rocky Lodge which with its age, had some gorgeous textures:












This photo was taken yesterday across the nearby cemetary in Liverpool



Rocky Lodge

September 16, 2006

This house was fantastic to live in, The first week we moved in there, I started my new job in Nuneaton. Such bad timing! I would have to leave the house at 07:45 to get to work on time, which meant, as it was early October, that I was driving down the drive when dawn’s sun would lift herself over the horizon… driving between the trees as the golden light of the early sun punctured through the leaves dappling the Oranges and Reds of the autumnal blanket. Having to drive away from such beauty each morning was a nightmare..


Returning after dusk as well meant photo oportunities were few and far bettween. Annoying that the sky is overcast in this photo.. but the Virginia Creeper was too beautiful to neglect





This next photo came about after the winter lull. The rapeseed fields came out, creating a blanket of yellow for the lodge to sit on if you looked at it from the right angle… This angle was achievable by sitting on the back of Tiny. Our biggest horse at 18’1″ 🙂 She was a Beautiful pony and my favourate. Sitting so high meant you looked down on Everyone, and you could see over the hedge bordering this rapeseed easily making this photo possible!





At this time, the woods started coming to life with the rhodedendron explosion i alluded to earlier.. these following photos demonstrate how beautiful they were..











This being a view of how it covers the pathways in the wood. A magical time of year..



The Epic of the Duck Hunt

September 15, 2006

When Donkey was staying in the field with the lambs, i used to go over and bottle feed him each day. – The farmland he was now living on bordered the golf course in leek wooton. Public footpaths criss crossed this course and they also had some natural lakes next to man made ones.. Ducks, coots, herons and Great Crested Grebes frequented these lakes.


I would go over to feed Donkey, then walk across the course and sit by the lakes. One of the ducks was patrolling the course with her entourage of eight ducklings.. One morning I sat beside the smallest lake, trying to get a good shot of the coots..


Across the lake from me, I observed the Duck slipping into the lake with her Ducklings following.. so I focused on these instead of the coots which hadn’t seen me and ended up swimming directly in front of my camera!




They were under pressure from the Coots in this lake, and so they swam back past me again and left.. i made the decision to follow them, trying not to be seen.


as i moved back through the bushes i was sat in and crept around the reeds on the border of the lake, i knew i was coming up to a path with another lake the other side of it. I predicted the Duck would take her family across and into the other lake and set my Camera up in anticipation..




After having walked down the path towards me and slipping into the next lake, i followed them along, seeing they were not settling and making way for the other edge of the lake, i got out of eye shot and ran on ahead..


I nearly ruined my chances then, having ran ahead of them and setting my camera up… in credit to how quiet i was setting up, the ducklings and duck didn’t hear, and they pushed through the reeds one meter from my postion.


This wasn’t good for either of us, i wasnt fully set up and was too close to focus with the lens i was using anyway.. The Duck then saw me and ushered her babies back into the lake.. before getting back in, this little fella walked further away to find a break in the reeds.. – into focus for me!




Staying put and not moving any more, i hoped they would not be disuaded from their exit of the lake from this side.. which paid off for they got out further up the field from my position..


They were heading directly for the Largest lake of the course, over a stretch of green cut close for the golfers and offering no cover for the Ducklings.. I waited for them to get about 5 minutes into walking across then disregarded subtlety and picked up my equipment and strode over to the Lake parrellel to their migration.. Thinking she would not risk crossing this vulnerable stretch of land with her little ones without determination to get there.. led me to believe she would not turn back after having got so far into the green and then seeing me.


I was right, she saw me as soon as i moved, but being behind her, she had no choice but to keep on moving… she couldn’t go faster or fly away without leaving her babies behind, so i moved on ahead and set up next to the rough bordering the next
. Catching this photo as she led them into the rough:






Once in the rough, she stopped them all and rose above the grasses to look for me, but i had frozen minutes before and she assumed i wasn’t such a threat..


I now had the opportunity to scout this Lake, it was a strange choice for her, it was huge, with it being july (and ours was so hot this year) the water was low on the banks, meaning any potential protection from reeds was left higher up the banks and dry.


The water was one huge, open expanse and after discovering her discomfort with her babies in vulnerable open spaces, I guessed she was not planning on going for a leisurely swim.


She was heading further up the Lake than where i was, obviously disconcerted by my presence.. but the only local protection was from a bunching of reeds in front of me.. I couldn’t see her wanting to go anywhere else, so i shot into postition, getting as close to the edge of the Lake i could without getting wet.


I scared some moorhens out from the reeds as i settled down and set my tripod up but then keeping still, they returned after a minute.. finding then the Duck and her posse were swimming through the extremities of the reeds.. Pleased with accurately thinking like my prey i began shooting their progression up until they were two meters from me, standing on the stones at the edge of the lake and bathing for 20 minutes or more…





It was a great morning for me, seeing them leave their bathing and go over to the side of the Lake to have a nap i decided i had enough as well, there was no more action with the Ducklings and all the anticipation of earlier had quite worn me out.. besides.. the heat of the day was picking up…


What also acted as a compliment to me that morning, that was when i had finished shooting and stood up.. four moornhens burst from the reeds in surprize and the Duck also perked up paying renewed interest in me.. I had been sitting so still, none of them even knew i was there! 🙂


This was a shot when they settled down to rest..





September 14, 2006

These photo’s are some i was playing with a couple of months ago, being around the Vaulters so much at home, things often take a turn for the extreme.. this photoshoot was an offshoot of one creative experiment.. I was shooting Sarah and Steffy, then Sarah grabbed the camera off me and treated me to a bit of my own medicine.. made for interesting portraits!!








The next photo was taken at Rocky Lane too, I loved the detail of the craters so this photo makes me smile.. through that i wanted to share with you guys




hope you like them!!



Thickthorn Wood

September 14, 2006

This place means a lot to me after the past year..

Me and my mother moved into Rocky Lodge for one year, the owners were going to rent it out to trial a new house they moved into, and mum, needing new stables for her horses, wanted to realise a dream of hers, to have her stables on her property.. to be able to wake in the morning and walk up the garden to the horses rather than drive to rented stables..

So we moved into Rocky Lodge:


Never before have i lived in a place that i truely love as a home, somewhere i have wanted to invite friends back to, Just to see the place.. Or not want to leave even to go out socially!!

The doors that are visible in this photo led to the stairs that climbed to my bedroom (the Whole converted attic!) The gate in the forground marked the end of the property, and where i am standing, taking the photo, is Thickthorn wood.

Even with the distortion of a short focal length, you can see it is close.. step out of my door and land in a wood!

This post is my homage to my wood 😉 So beautiful in spring:


When the Rhodedendrons came out the wood was awash with colour. I’ll save images of that nature for another post, yet this image as the petals fell from the rhodedendrons evokes strong memories for me:




This was also recurrent for me in the woods.. stalking around with my camera and my puppies.. we’d often chance across Muntjack and rabbits.. even buzzards when i was really lucky 😉




I was so pleased when i discovered how this buzzard came out, it flew over my head from a tree i walked near by, within the first week of aquiring my dslr, i wasn’t so efficient at using it at this time and with my inexperience, i saw the bird and reacted, i shot the bird, thinking ‘it will only be a sillouette, but it is my first shot of a bird of prey


To see how the sun caught over its neck illuminating the bird throughout.. What a catch!



This was one of my favourate view’s out from the wood across the neighbouring fields… i am going to miss this place whilst surrounded by concrete, glass and steel for the next two years!





These two photo’s (above and below) should strike a cord with Anisha (a good friend of mine from Liverpool, well on her way to being trained as a vet – Lock your pets up Tight guys..) She was shooting her own shots next to me as i took it!




Finishing with one of my favourate views of the wood itself… Spring was a beautiful time..