Joel and Jack

September 13, 2006

These Brothers are the Son’s of Catflap, She is a Vaulting Judge (check the blogroll under EVS to see what vaulting is) The three of them came for lunch a few months ago. –  Off ran Joel to play with any door/gate he could find. Realising the car door was locked, he made good use of our paddock’s facilities.. declaring ‘gateeverytime he swung it open and closed… made for some good portraits anyhow!




Joel soon realised the error of his ways, now having trapped himself in the field… pleading with the photographer for assistance.. – too many days spent watching nature documentaries left the photographer with a strict ideology of no interference with the subjects however:




So instead, Joel tried to escape for himself…




Too late… the dogs were released and a viscious attack ensued… (he put on a brave face.. poor lad)





None of the Adults paid any attention to the drama as they were concentrating soley on his Brother, who felt incompetent as all he could do was anxiously watch in anticipation



then things tipped into the kids favour with an excellent demonstration of swordsmanship, he fended the giant of a dog off untill it got bored and followed my girls barking into the woods after some rabbit or other…





N.B all events depicted in this post are purely fictitious and in no way was any puppy injuried in the making of this documentary.



September 12, 2006

Just to point out, i have finished the page Donkey, found at the top of this blog. The link takes you to a page featuring more photo’s of him and his history.. hope you enjoy his images!

As a post script to this, i have added photos of my puppies in their own page too. might take a while to load.. but they are so pretty… worth it no?

Floating Origins

September 12, 2006


New Vibes

New vibes is an event organised at the Patrick Centre as part of the Birmingham Hippodrome. Each year they invite local Choreographers to apply for a dance slot (approx 12 mins in length), where, if they get selected, they perform to a potential audience of 190 people. An oportunity to showcase your abilities like this is incredible for up and coming performers and Choreographers..

Two of my friends that i met through Gymnastics are budding Choreographers and they decided to apply to New Vibes the summer just gone.

While i was in India, i heard they had been accepted. and, estimating when i would be home from my trip, they were enthused as i would be able to watch the show. – as it worked out, i came home earlier than expected from India, not being able to justify to myself the extra £100 it would cost to postpone my return flight.

This meant i was back in England before my friends had got very far into rehearsals for the show, they had managed one before i was back.. so Kate (Choreographer extraodinare) who is one of my best friends, met at Gymnastics, she introduced me then to kung fu! – recruited me into the show. I became the Seventh dancer, with Kate, Hannah, Ruth (yet another Gymnast friend!) and Jane (Kates younger sister) i joined David, Leah and Laura, friends of the others that I met when rehearsals began.

This was my First oportunity to see the workings of theatre since developing my passion for photography.. with a mind for taking photos for promotional work i brought my camera to rehearsals… for the majority of them, i had no use for the camera, focusing on learning the routine’s and not having a particularily photogenic room to work with.

Our Technical rehearsal however, was Amazing. I risked the wrath of Kate to play with my camera with any given oportunity… the stresses were high, so I hadn’t the flexibility to express the dance properly.. but as we were testing the lighting possibilities Jane was playing in the Tissu (courtesy of Ruth and Hannah, see RED) which looked incredible..

These were the pick of the photo’s i got, finishing with a Poster I knocked out in anticipation of promoting the show;


This is Jane sillouetted behind the Tissu, she has stretched it out and formed this shape as the back lighting hits the material, the lighting director was showing us varieties of spot lighting, and this one looked incredible, hundreds of stars of light shining onto the stage, not aplicable for our performance, so we didn’t use it, didn’t stop this moment looking great though..


Jane achieved some amazing shapes wrapping herself in the Tissu, i loved having a dark stage with a singular light source.. it brought the Tissu to life..

This was then the Poster:


No points for guessing who is the star of the poster..

This Following image is from when Ruth jumped into the Tissu to play!!



I was So torn between wanting to perform and show what we had been rehearsing hard for over the past couple of months, or running off stage and grabbing my camera during the performance.. i would have loved to be in the audience getting photos. the Lighting was incredible.

All the more credit to Kate, she had never designed any stage lighting before and in the Tech rehearsal it was all on her shoulders.. she designed the lighting for the whole show in about 3 hours and had to go off and finish designing the show to suit. We were split between Leicester and Coventry and rehearsals were few and far between.

In Fact, David pointed out on our last rehearsal.. The Monday when we performed on Wednesday the 5th of july, that this was the First rehearsal since inception that we were All there together!

I had a brilliant time.. Thank You Kate!!!


I’m Back in business!!

September 12, 2006

wow i am tired, and so going to sleep. – but i wanted to shout out that i have gone back to Kung Fu tonight!!

Training has suffered with my interlude of going to India, I feel like i haven’t done anything for months.. feel the blood coursing back through my veins!!


September 12, 2006

This post refers to a Circus performance i saw recently, performed in Playbox Theatre in Warwick, two friends of mine were part of this Circus…Hannah is a good friend of mine from Gymnastics, and after having seen the performance, i expressed to her my regret i couldn’t take photos during the show, i was so taken by the visuals.. and the lighting… She organised for the lighting director to come back to the stage and booked the stage for an hour, so we could run through her parts of the performance!! having the whole stage to ourselves we went through the performance on two seperate days, walking round the stage to get the best shots!! it was an Amazing oportunity, and i am so pleased with the results.

a Huge Thank you to Hannah, without whom this oportunity would still be a dream of mine..


Her peformance was two part. Her first showstopper was a solo trapeze act. be amazed


see why i was so excited for the chance?

now her second part was a duet in Ribbon or Tissu, this is obviously only one half of the duet, but imagine another girl on the oposite side of the stage doing the same movements..



I Loved the strength of the light at this moment, it was only from the top and powerful enough to create such a contrast in the image, i remember how striking it was seeing the show, unfortunately it was only a transitional stage, swiftly moved onto a more ambient red that coats the whole stage like below shows..



Not that is manages to take away from the effect from the shapes Hannah creates… i am eagerly awaiting the next show I can see of hers.. The pest has only gone off to Canada for Uni! Lucky *£%… If you are based in Ontario, and want a performer like Han, leave a comment to this post and i will act the intermediary..


one of my favourates from the photo shoot; (once again that magic light)



September 11, 2006


Spitfire Pyrotechnics




My dad is a pyrotechnician, one of, if not, The best in the country.

His company spitfire pyrotechnics were competiting at the National Fireworks Championships at Stanford Hall.

This year, since its inception, was the only year he was beaten, and that was due to the fact the Sound technicians screwed up. they skipped his second track after having manhandled the cd all day and dirtying and scratching it.


Stanford 3

Stanford 2

Stanford 1

Due to this, i didnt not get any memorable photos of his competing this year, and these are photos from the competitors.. get onto his website if you want fireworks for any occasion, you wont find better. I am anxiously waiting for his next display now, so i can do his displays justice with my new cam. watch this space

Aside from this enforced blip on his record, he has won:

The British Music and Fireworks Championships 2002 (southport)

The British Music and Fireworks Championships 2003 (southport)

The National Music and Fireworks Championships 2004 (Stanford Hall)

The National Music and Fireworks Championships 2005 (Stanford Hall)

use the link on my blogroll to his site


September 11, 2006


This is a shot i wanted to capture of my friend James, i set the camera and asked him to jump, but it didnt come out quite right, he got bored and asked to get one of me, so i thought i’d give it a shot, So he took this one of me. one of my favourate self portraits!

I like how he just caught the frizbee before i went out of frame. captured the mood of that night on the beach perfectly!!



Cat Halo

Catarmaran Halo

These two images are from my summer sailing trip from Germany through to Plymouth (if you want more info, visit the blue dragon link in the blogroll) This halo effect was from a circluar rainbow directly above the Cat. I have never seen one first hand before, only having seen one from a photo from space.. it was so amazing!!