This page is dedicated to memories of my two girls, Poppy and Abbey, Poppy has been referred to in the page on Donkey, How she mothered him, becoming his replacement Ewe..

Poppy in the following photo is taking a background role from the Star Abbey!




They were kidding themselves.. No where near!! the rabbits liked to play with them, jog a little till they were closer and thinking they were onto a good thing, then spurting away at the speed of a bullet!!





An unusual catch this one, it is normally Poppy standing reserved as Abbey tries to work her up.. Here however, Poppy obviously wants the fight 🙂



These next couple are Poppy





This one Too!





This motion shot is of her sister, Abbey (an artist formally known as fat dog, now, after a year spent at Rocky Lodge, with them taking me for a walk round the woods around 3 times a day… she has been knighted – Fit dog)



They found it hot this summer!!



Very Hot…


not once did it stop the eternal search for anything to hunt though..



Even if it was only the grass… From below?




So these are some images of my girls… tell me what you think!!


One Response to “Puppies”

  1. kim Says:

    Fantastic photography John, loved Poppy in the bluebells, the two of them side by side, loved Joel, the buzzard and the muntjack. I’m sure you have an alternative career if you want it.
    Well done

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