This page is dedicated to my fathers Fireworks company.


Visit his site, or click the link in my blogroll.


The company provide wedding displays and fireworks for any occasion, from £350.00 locally.


You Will Not Get Fireworks this good, for this money, Anywhere in England.


The following are photographs from His display at Stoneleigh Abbey music and fireworks concert, 2006:








The following are from his competition entry at the Stanford Hall Music and Fireworks Championships 2006:










His displays are Innovative, Contemporary, Beautiful and actually Choreographed. Many Music and Fireworks displays are fireworks with background music. This company enhance the effect of the music by the complimentary use of fireworks. to see it in action is breathtaking. his Music and Fireworks displays start from £1000.00 and are worth every penny.. to be honest… your getting a bargin. None other in the country could provide this quality for this cost. Unrivalled.




One Response to “Spitfire Pyrotechnics”

  1. James Says:

    Fantastic shots extremely sharp well shot. best damn firework’s anywhere in the UK. All photos deserve admiration so if you dont know this site address you bloody should!

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